Linjeforeningen for matematikk og fysikk ved NTNU

Summer Internship i Powel

Your knowledge and ideas mean a lot to Powel. If you apply for a summer job with us, you will have the opportunity to transform your academic knowledge into actual solutions or business ideas.  

Powel is an international software house with Norwegian roots. We help our customers work smarter, benefitting both the business and the environment. Our employees are as passionate about technology as they are about contributing to a greener future. And it is in this landscape you can make a vital contribution.  

Collaboration creates success   

Collaboration often create success. This is why we ensure that summer students work in smaller groups in a working environment that is informal, fun, international and rich in knowledge. Each group is attached to a business unit in order to come up with ideas for an existing product, further development, or create new products. Brainstorming takes place in groups but also in close dialogue with specialists at Powel, as well as our customers.  

Popularity of customer visits 

We are known for working closely with our customers, for creating solutions that are suited to their needs. Summer students will therefore be afforded the same opportunity. In dialogue with the customer or with Powel’s customer representatives, students will have an opportunity to study the business up close and gain a greater understanding of what it takes to work with software development.

We look for the following qualities in our students: Motivated, innovative and solutions-orientated, who like learning and have good computer skills. We encourage both international and Norwegian students to apply and we accept applications from students at various levels of study. 

Our summer programme lasts for a total of 9 weeks, during which time there is a 3-weeks holiday. The programme starts in the middle of June and ends in August. The workplace is Powel’s head office in Trondheim. 

Application deadline: 4 November 2019